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How to Optimize Google ads Campaign for Specific Conversion Goal

Are you trying hard to get conversions for your business?
You might have tried every possible strategy. But still, getting nothing or way fewer conversions than your expectation?
This simple trick can help you to generate conversions for your desired Google Analytics/Google AdWords goal.

Check out your main conversion Goals 

  • Go to the Tools and Settings tab
Google Ads Manager
  • Select conversions
Google Ad Conversions
Google Ads Conversions

You find all your Google Analytics imported conversions and Google ads conversions. 

Select your Ad Campaign

Choose your campaign and click on the settings from the left side bar

Google Ads Campaign Settings
Goole Ads Campaign Settings

Click on the additional settings

Choose Conversion actions for this campaign
Additional Settings for Conversions

Select “Choose Conversion actions for this campaign”

Select the conversion goal for which you want to optimize the campaign and save. 

This simple fix will optimize the Google ad campaign for specific conversion. Google will try to show ads to only those people who are very likely to convert for this conversion. 

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